Bad Neighbours

What’s it about?
A couple with a newborn are forced to suck it up when a fraternity moves in next door. The family man (Seth Rogan) squares off against the frat guy (Zac Efron).

What did we think?
It’s often juvenile, not subtle and oddly paced – and yet Bad Neighbours sort of works. Maybe it’s the improv feel or the fact that Efron, Rogan and Rose Byrne are all very good. Or maybe it’s just Efron’s topless scene.

There are things people will hate. There are gross bits. There are the obligatory penis/dildo/phallic jokes. It’s not a classic but it will probably make you laugh. In the US it’s simply called Neighbors – I’m assuming it’s been renamed in Australia to avoid comparisons with the TV show. Rest assured there’s no danger anyone will confuse this for Ramsey Street. If nothing else, yay for the Zac six-pack.



3 comments on “Bad Neighbours

  1. Tracey Campbell says:

    I thought this would be a frat movie with breasts and beer and it was. But it was actually more than that too. More fun for sure. And Zac’s abs!!!! Drooool

  2. Annie Baker says:

    Pat lololol and part trololol. Me liked.

  3. Aaron Cronin says:

    It’s yet another crasse and rather obtuse American Pie-esque film, with arguably more of a definitive plot line. The US frat house scene is yet again revisited in ‘Bad Neighbours’, starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron. Filled with ‘below-the-belt’ humour and antics common among the teenage demographic, this movie serves a purpose for those spending a Saturday night in with their roomies as a bit of a time killer. Says a lot, really. If you’re after an insightful, brain-draining blockbuster don’t waste your time here. 2*

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