Safe Haven

What’s it about?
A woman on the run from a detective, lands in Southport, North Carolina, where she meets a handsome widower and his kids, and must ultimately confront her past.

What did we think?
Hilary says: The marketing of this film trumpets its connection to much-loved films The Notebook (same writer) and Cider House Rules (same director). Sadly, this makes the Save Haven seem even worse than it already is, simply by comparison. Sound performances by Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough  are marred by dull dialogue, a painful pace and a score that flips jarringly from overly dramatic pieces to cheesy country, making the film feel disjointed. A twist in the middle helps ramp up the momentum, but the second twist at the end is odd and unnecessary. All this, combined with laughable over-acting by David Lyons as the detective, leaves Safe Haven in midday-movie territory. Not even Duhamel taking his shirt off can save this. Do your relationship a favour, ladies, and do not drag your boyfriend to this movie.


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