Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway movie review

Peter gets meta with loads of cartoon violence

What’s it about?

The garden isn’t enough for Peter: he’s got the city in his sights. His former enemy Young Mr McGregor has married Bea, who is on the cusp of selling her charming books about her extended rabbit family. Unsurprisingly, Peter leads them all into more madcap adventures after falling in with a bad seed.

What did we think?

Stephen Scott says: A worth follow-up to the hilarious first pseudo-adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s classic stories, The Runaway continues the multiple layers keeping kids of all ages entertained.

Adults and older fans will enjoy the sly jabs and meta comments about modernisation of childhood favourites, while the little ones will revel in what Peter Rabbit himself says he does best: cartoon violence.

It’s silly, it’s short, it’s perfect for the whole family. Hop to it. 8/10

Hop to it

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