Once Upon A Deadpool movie review

Deadpool 2.5? 3?

What’s it about?

Deadpool is back to subvert the superhero genre. After the success of Deadpool 2 he’s returned with a PG re-edit (of the original M) for a second bite of the cherry. It’s a transparent money-making exercise, but everything about Deadpool is transparent so… is it art?

* Dan hadn’t seen the first edit of this film when he reviewed this version.

What we thought

Dan Beeston says:
Deadpool’s biggest selling point was its M rating. So much of its charm is derived from shock comedy and vulgarities. What could possibly be the result when you replace all of those with meta-jokes and pointed commentary?

It’s perfect.

God help me it’s the funniest film I’ve seen in years.  4.5 stars

Anthony Sherratt (who HAS seen Deadpool 2) says:
Cleaning up Deadpool 2 for a friendlier rating has seen the movie become streamlined in an incredibly pleasing way. Gone are a lot of unnecessary devices and scenes and in their place are some B roll jokes and new lines that didn’t make the original, a cutscene (which should have stayed cut) and a hilarious subplot involving Deadpool and Fred Savage which will leave Princess Bride fans roaring with delight. Enough changes to make a rewatch feel fresh without changing the essence of the film. Wonderful. 4/5

As We Wish

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  1. Dan Beeston says:

    Dan adds: I watched the original Deadpool 2. It’s also great fun. They both compliment each other, and it’s fine to watch most of the story a second time because it’s so much fun and so well performed. I am glad I watched the PG version first. I think that’s the better version as I prefer the meta-comedy over the comedy violence.

    Damn! I didn’t think a Marvel superhero film would end up being my favourite film of the year.

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