Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part One – Movie Review

Ooh he’s going to go rogue isn’t he

What’s it about?

Ethan Hunt is back, going rogue once more to save the world from the biggest villain yet: God Artificial Intelligence.

What’d we think?

Peter Linning says: Dead Reckoning is an absolutely cracking time at the cinema, cementing the series as one of the most consistently entertaining franchises in cinema history. From the tense opening all the way to the (quite literally) edge-of-your-seat ending, the movie confidently flaunts the top-tier stunt and action chops that it’s is known for, but also manages to wrap it in a great-looking package that effortlessly hops between being genuinely thrilling, frequently laugh-out-loud hilarious, and even unsettlingly creepy. I’m definitely seeing this one again, and Part Two has suddenly become my most anticipated movie of 2024.


Elizabeth Best says: With the exception of Mission Impossible: 2, the MI movies are always a good time. Exhilarating stunts, exciting global missions, double or triple crossing, Tom Cruise running… they have it all. This one is no exception, and the nearly three-hour run time flew by. Was nervous that as a Part One, this film wouldn’t have a satisfying ending but they wrapped it up at a great place and I’m super keen for the next instalment.  


An incredibly entertaining thrill-ride, the apex of the spy-thriller-action genre.
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