Magic Mike XXL

What’s it about?
Five strippers go to a stripping convention for one last strip.

What did we think?
Elizabeth Best says: This is the movie everyone thought the original would be: an excuse for hot guys to get their kit off and a socially sanctioned way for women to drool over said guys. In between the pelvic thrusting, (I’m PRETTY sure there were scenes between the thrusting…) there’s a sense of humour that was missing from Magic Mike, making this film sillier but somehow more enjoyable (not just because of the semi-naked men, shut up.) If you’ve ever wanted to see porn on the big screen, this is your chance.


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  1. Lisa Clifford says:

    The appeal of this one is simple… Come for the stripping, stay for the stripping.

    In a refreshing improvement on its predecessor, Magic Mike XXL doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is – a socially acceptable way to enjoy some male stripping.

    Targeted ferociously at the female population, this pic is basically a formulaic dance movie about a group of buddies who just want to empower women and bring smiles to their faces… by stripping.

    Unburdened by the capital-I-Issues of the first film, the lightened tone allows for plenty of (intentional!) jokes and stunt-casting.

    Have a couple of drinks and see it with your girlfriends (or gay friends).

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