Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

What’s it about?
Based on Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, the film follows his life from birth through to repeal of Apartheid and his being the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

What did we think?
Casey says: This film revealed to me how ignorant of Apartheid I really am, doing so in a way that left me wanting to educate myself more on this  horrific period in human history. A beautifully constructed experience that simultaneously highlights all that is good, and the potential for evil within  the human condition.

I have nothing more to say on this film other than go see it.



1 comment on “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

  1. I actually disagree with Casey. While certainly about an inspirational man there’s nothing great about the film about his life. There’s nothing new here and anyone familiar with Mandela’s life will struggle to find anything here that couldn’t be found on wikipedia. No real insight or focus on some of the more interesting aspects of his life. What a shame that such an extraordinary man received such an ordinary film.

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