These Final Hours

What’s it about?
In the titular final hours of Earth, as a fiery asteroid crashes into our doomed planet and the Mayans look set for a belated last laugh, an initially flaky young man attempts to help a lost girl find her father before the blast reaches Australia.

What did we think?
Alex says: It’s not often an apocalypse film doesn’t slot into the sci-fi genre but writer/director Zak Hilditch keeps the focus very much on human drama as James (Nathan Phillips) navigates the chaotic streets of suburban Perth with young Rose (Angourie Rice). Hilditch and the cast sustain the tension most of the way and create a hopeless, anarchic environment where most citizens turn to hedonistic partying, descend into insanity or take their own lives. There’s no Hollywood mission to avert the disaster and David Field’s world-weary, unseen car-radio announcer, who keeps us informed of the impending destruction, is a nice touch.

The ending didn’t sit quite right for me but I shan’t give anything away. It’s nonetheless a competent local effort and well worth a look.


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