Little Evil

What’s it about?
Every new step-dad has the occasional thought their new step-child could be evil, but what if they really are the Antichrist?

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt says: Good silly fun with a lot of heart, Little Evil is, at first glance, an entertaining premise stretched to fill an entire film. However, Little Evil’s real strength is in its emotional impact rather than comedic value. Yes, it’s very funny with shout-outs to a range of the genre, but the nuances of emotions and relationships are surprisingly deep. From Evangaline Lily’s loving dedication to her son, to Adam Scott’s recognition of the child’s vulnerability, Little Evil has more than just good laughs. The fantastic cast (it also includes Sally Field and Kurgan from Highlander) well and truly delivers. While it’s not the cult classic he gave us with Dale and Tucker vs Evil, director Eli Craig entertains us enough to leave us looking forward to his third feature film.


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