Kath & Kimderella

What’s it about?
The foxy ladies of Fountain Gate are back to tackle the European hierarchies (and the big screen) in their epic adventure of Kath and Kimderella. Set in the gorgeous but bankrupt Papilloma, the girls embark on a journey to Italy after Kath (Jane Turner) wins a holiday for two.

What did we think?
Elodie Boal says: The movie gets off to a triumphant start, but what happens next is a big jumble of awkwardness. This really is a pointless plot with a storyline that didn’t go anywhere. Out of place and the Cinderella references  added a whole lot of cheese. Recycling is good but not when it means rehashing and reusing a lot of old television material.

Even I, a true fan, got lost in all the montages, dance sequences and oodles of costume changes that gave Sex and the City a run for its money.

I must admit the guest appearances were entertaining and Frank Woodley’s scene on the castle balcony was incredible. Overall however, I left rather disappointed. Only diehard fans, should see it. Otherwise, wait for $1 Tuesdays.



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  1. Tia Propocz says:

    Two words: simply awful.

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