Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

What’s it about?

The original board game that sucked Alan Parrish into the wilderness has evolved to a video cartridge to capture the imaginations of a new generation. Four kids from different social circles get trapped in the game and must play through its levels to survive and escape.

What did we think? 

Elizabeth Best says: Guys, it’s actually pretty damn good. Jumanji next gen manages to pay homage to the original film without crapping on its legacy, and advance the game’s abilities staying true to video gaming conventions in really cute ways. The first two thirds of the film were missing some of the emotional heart of its predecessor, instead relying on hyper-quippy dialogue. But I forgave it, since there was enough heart shoehorned in the last third to make up for it. A genuinely surprising, enjoyable film.


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  1. Angela Young says:

    It goes without saying your disbelief needs hanging on the hook on your way in, but this was a nice surprise. Lots of laughs and some pretty exciting (and family-friendly) action gel well with what is essentially a really neat story idea, with some clever little quirks. This isn’t the shoddy remake of Robin Williams’ 1995 feature some feared it would be. It’s actually a little gem of a Crimbo movie with some genuinely original (albeit retro) concepts. Fair play to writer Chris McKenna. I for one didn’t see this one coming.

    4/5 stars.

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