Suicide Squad

What’s it about?

Set after the events of Batman V Superman, a task force of bad guys is assembled and blackmailed into saving the world from other bad guys, vigilante style.

What did we think?

Elizabeth Best says: It’s not that Suicide Squad is bad. It’s just not… anything. It’s a long, plot-less fight scene, with too many people to pay attention to, moving too fast to actually lock on to anything. Simply put? It’s frenetically boring. Where’s all the fun from the trailer? Characters get loads of screen time but aren’t explored in much depth (Captain Boomerang is an extended punchline, Harley Quinn is a sexy extended punchline, Diablo is the meta-human equivalent of a Bic lighter). Not very much happens except baddies fight baddies to avoid “goodies” (who are kinda baddies) from blowing their heads up. I can’t help but think think DC have done this whole thing backwards; in trying to do an Avengers-style movie, they forgot that all the Avengers had solo movies to establish their characters before they got thrown in together to defeat the big bad. The Suicide Squad aren’t given the same opportunity and as a result we’re still kind of clueless about who they are. Even Jared Leto’s much-hyped Joker doesn’t leave a lasting impression.

Meh. Just meh.


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