John Wick

What’s it about?
Keanu Reeves plays the titular character, a widower who seeks vengeance against the Russian mobsters that have stolen his car and killed his poor sweet dog.

What did we think?
Dominic Barlow says: Behold: a pulpy retribution flick that puts THE EQUALIZER to shame. This goes through similar story beats to Denzel Washington’s killing spree, but with a fun and refreshing simplicity. A cool neon glow pulsates all throughout its visuals, and the music occasionally makes odd choices that turns the blood-soaked battles into a hypnotic ballet. Through it all, Reeves spits fire as a guy who recognises but can’t help his own barbarism, and he’s backed by a terrific supporting cast that includes Willem Dafoe and John Leguizamo. It’s a revenge fantasy for those well-adjusted enough to understand the second part of that phrase.


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  1. Despite some wooden dialogue, John Wick is the real deal. A highly entertaining action movie that engages on multiple levels, it will have you wincing one minute and laughing out loud the next. Wonderful fun. Dom (above) covered the rest.

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