Wuthering Heights

What’s it about?
A Yorkshire hill farmer “does the Christian thing” and takes in a homeless boy. The boy falls in love with the daughter and becomes obsessed with her.

What Angela Bowen thought:
This adaptation of Wuthering Heights is dark and disturbing. There are moments that are beautiful, ominous and some that are just weird and uncomfortable. I’d pop a few no-doz before this one and prepare to feel depressed for exactly 129 minutes.

The scenery shots are so plentiful it starts to feel like David Attenborough should be commentating but the real problem is that the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff misses the mark. Stitched together by a lot of flashbacks that aren’t particularly moving to start with, the film features limited dialogue and is certainly not for animal lovers.

The redeeming feature is Solomon Glave’s performance of a young Heathcliff. His violent and animalistic up-bringing is heart- wrenching and you just want to reach out and give him a big hug. This movie is one that can be appreciated after it’s over. If you stay awake.





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