Into The Woods

What’s it about?
Several of your favourite fairytale characters find their happy ever after, before everything gets sent to hell in a handbasket once they realise that fairytale endings aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

What did we think?
Susan Hetherington says: At times laugh-out-loud funny at others “where’s-my-tissue” sad, this is a grown-ups fairytale with a strong message about being careful what you wish for and whether happily ever after is possible with someone you have known for 2.5 seconds.

Fans of the stage show may shed a tear that the adaptation has dropped the second double act between the Charming prince brothers (Agony, the over-the-top duet which included just about every cinematic cliché was the funniest point in the film) but overall it was a very satisfying translation from stage to screen. It would be nice to think Into the Woods the film will springboard composer Stephen Sondheim into the musical theatre limelight alongside the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber. It probably won’t. In fact the 15 minute opening overture will probably be enough to ensure some never again give a musical a try. But anyone who can see past that will see an intelligent tale that’s been well told and extremely well acted. They will almost certainly also have the Into the Woods earworm in their head for some time to come.


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