Celeste and Jesse Forever

What’s it about?
Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) are the perfect couple. Well, except for the fact that they are getting divorced. Screening at selected cinemas.

What did we think?
Liz says: For all the cheesy romantic comedies that Hollywood churns out, there are those films that invert the genre with aching honesty and richly drawn characters. This is definitely the latter. A smart and original flick written by Jones herself, this is an intensely human portrayal of what comes after the happily ever after. There’s no big, romance-conquers-all, orchestra-swelling finale; no big, looking-back-on-moments-past-only-to-realise-you’re-really-in-love-with-your-ex-who-is-just-about-to-get-married-to-someone-else montage. This simple film needs no bells and whistles to prove that time really does heal all wounds.


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