Barbie – Movie Review

A study in pink

What’s it about?

Everyone is having the BEST DAY EVER in Barbieland, where a glass ceiling never existed and women can (and do) do anything while Kens stand by and wait for their Barbie to notice them. That is until Stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie) wakes up one day with her hair dishevelled, thoughts about mortality in her head and gasp flat feet.

What’d we think?

Pete Linning says: I’m the male reviewer, so my opinion on Barbie doesn’t matter, but if it did it would be adoring and supportive like a good Ken should.

Barbie is like a bright and colourful cocktail of that has a deceptive amount of booze in it. The dynamism of Barbieworld is an absolute treat to behold, while containing a straight shot of some serious existentialist philosophy. The production design and performances are top notch, and we’re carried through the spectacle at a fantastic clip, only lagging a little bit towards the end, but you’ll likely be laughing so hard that you won’t care.

Not every joke lands perfectly, and maybe not every theme is explored as well as it could be, but the overall package is solid, funny, and beautiful (like Ken)


Elizabeth Best says: I’m the female reviewer, so only my opinion on Barbie matters thank you and goodnight.

For real though, Barbie gave me all the glitz, glamour, pink and sparkly escapism I could have wanted in a movie about my beloved childhood toy—with just the right amount of existential dread sprinkled in. So… like real life, but better. It’s a thoughtfully self-aware delight that looks at Barbies through a feminist lens, with Greta Gerwig’s determination to give the movie a strong point of view (that only VERY occasionally dips into too-preachy territory) setting it above other IP-driven money grabs. Above all else it’s a damn good time.

Now can someone tell me what am I going to do with my life now the nostalgia inducing fashion parade of a press tour is over?


Sparkly, hilarious, and thought provoking, Barbie is a fantastic time at the cinema
A raconteur by nature and motormouth by trade, the only thing Pete loves more than watching movies is a good debate about movies. He'll argue with anyone about anything, and enjoy it more than is socially acceptable.
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