Book Club: The Next Chapter – Movie Review

Just call it the Wine and Friendship Club at this point

What’s it about?

Four best friends take a long-anticipated trip to Italy in the wake of a surprise engagement. Chaos, laughter, and love ensues.

What’d we think?

‘Book Club: The Next Chapter’ carries all the usual tropes of the genre. The establishing montage that opens the film, a lost lover, cold feet, and a helicopter ride. It’s like Sex and the City if they all moved somewhere quieter, aged 30 years and (mostly) talked about books instead of sex. The Italian scenery is stunning, but our focus is easily captured by the four beautiful protagonists and their friendship that is grounded in history, honesty, humour and adoration for one another. Of course, the powerhouse cast didn’t disappoint: Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda and Mary Steenburgen. A brilliant mix of wit, intellect and chemistry. 

At its core, this is a movie about love. More so, the power of pure platonic and romantic love and overcoming personal hurdles by relying on those closest to us to support us with an open heart and a scathing tongue. The movie is warm, sassy, and reminiscent of the Aunt or Mother you aspire to be. 

The traditional rom-com ending was enjoyable enough until it became far too forced and saccharine. Ending aside, I enjoyed the silly ride it took me on. 

Go with your mum and your sister to see it this Mother’s Day. Then book a trip to Italy. Don’t trust porters at the train station and remember to call your friends

If you've seen the poster you've seen the movie, but it's light and frothy and we can always use more Jane Fonda and Candice Bergen please and thankyou.
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