Baby Driver

What’s it about?
Really, it’s all about the music. But ostensibly it’s about a young guy who’s a demon behind the wheel stuck driving for a big-time heist boss. For him to drive at his best, his soundtrack has to be just right.

What we thought
Angela says: You don’t have to be a music nerd to appreciate the musical quality of this surprising little action-packed gem. You also don’t have to understand dance to appreciate Ryan Heffington’s outstanding choreography, seamlessly blending hops, skips, hand taps and explosions with lyrics and melody. Ansel Elgort brings a beautiful charm to Baby, getaway driver extraordinaire, while Jamie Foxx as unhinged bad guy Bats is genuinely terrifying. Jon Hamm’s Buddy is slightly OTT and Kevin Spacey’s Doc is only a monotone psychopath, nothing more, but this is a great little romp, with action, occasional belly laughs and, of course, that wonderful music.


2 comments on “Baby Driver

  1. Elizabeth Best says:

    A joyous explosion of music, driving and toe-tapping heists. It’s impossible not to bop to the beat of almost every tune that Baby gears himself up with, while marvelling at the masterful nature of the cinematography, choreography and shit-hot direction of this flick. Not sure I’ve ever payed so much attention to sound editing before in any movie, but kudos to whoever did it, because it bloody makes the film. I agree with all of the above review EXCEPT I thought Spacey threw off the one-note performance in act two, giving us a glimpse of the humanity behind the (figuratively) cigar-toting, moustache twirling crime boss.

    Side note: do not play Brighton Rock in your car on the way home, it will encourage you to drive in a less than lawful manner.

  2. If you love classic blues and how music can transform the moving image, then you’ll think more highly of this movie, but at its core it’s a heist film. Nothing more.
    It has so much potential, but lacks the spark to make it truly special.
    I’m the opposite of the reviews above: Kevin Spacey and Ansel Elgort own their roles, with an unhinged Jon Hamm balancing out Jamie Foxx’s completely OTT performance.
    3½ stars. I wish it was more.

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