Amsterdam movie review

Can Batman save this film?

What’s it about?

Three friends who met during The Great War get pulled into a murder-mystery plot in 1930s New York.

What did we think?

Peter Linning says: Amsterdam is all over the shop. I don’t know if the movie had a promising start or if I just had high hopes, but fairly early into the piece I was already a little bored, and Christian Bale’s performance was the only sparkly thing dangled in front of me that managed to hold my attention. There’s a bunch of colourful activity to fill up the runtime, but the movie feels like a choppy arrangement of scenes that move a plot forward instead of feeling like a story. If it had been shorter I might have waved the movie off as an enjoyable enough distraction, but the movie meanders through too many dull stretches to even give it a pass in that respect.

Surprisingly dull.
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