All My Friends Hate Me movie review

Or do they?

What’s it about?

30-something Pete is spending the weekend in the country with old friends he hasn’t seen since University, but it quickly devolves into a nightmare of hostility and paranoia.

What’d we think?

Peter Linning says: All My Friends Hate Me perfectly balances razor-sharp black comedy and genuine psychological horror in a crisp 90-minute anxiety-attack-by-proxy. The movie leans on a bunch of millennial themes that could easily have been eye-rolling if not handled so deftly, but the way that self-obsession and self-loathing are portrayed and weaponised will leave you wincing as if you’ve witnessed a more traditional horror assault. It may not hit as well with audiences too much younger or older than the main characters, but the target demographic is going to be writhing in discomfort when they aren’t laughing out loud.

Terrifyingly realistic, uncomfortably hilarious
A raconteur by nature and motormouth by trade, the only thing Pete loves more than watching movies is a good debate about movies. He'll argue with anyone about anything, and enjoy it more than is socially acceptable.
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