What’s it about?
A girl becoming a woman finds that her father has become a corpse. A stranger arrives and turns into her creepy uncle while her mother again turns into the bottle. Skittish old ladies know more they they are letting on and a tiny key doesn’t have a lock. Oh, so much gothic whimsy I want to cake my face in pancake and wear black and white polkadots!

What did we think?
Dan says: Every shot in this film is a piece of art unto itself. Like the cinematographer saw the surgical perfection of Nicole Kidman’s new face and felt he had to up his game. Everything has had so much care put into it you feel that Chekov’s guns are being loaded at every moment.

Sadly, in the third act many of them misfire wildly. The dramatic reveal is that the film turns out to be much less interesting than it set out to be. It’s not Poison Ivy (1992) but it feels like it would get played at the same movie marathon.


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