One Direction: This Is Us

What’s it about?
Five young men from various socio-economic backgrounds are employed by a faceless corporation on the same day. They discover that the service they have been hired for, when intelligently manipulated and directed, allows them godlike powers over the weak minded.

What did we think?
Dan says: Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) hides behind the camera on this documentary into the lives of five talented young performers as they descend into the trappings of fame. While the story of Justin Bieber was one of ability, diligence and humility, this hour and half long marketing stunt reveals just how un-engaging the inner mechanisms of the corporate music machine are. It’s like watching 1984 but Winston is absent and we’re expected to root for Big Brother.
I walked into this film an atheist. At the 36 minute point I prayed for the end of the film. After 1 hour and 21 minutes I prayed for death.
If you are a ‘Directioner’ then drink back another cup of delicious Kool-aid. You’ll love it.

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  1. L. Grenville says:

    Bahahahaha nice one Dan. The what’s it about is hilarious

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