Wonder Woman

What is it about?
Amazon princess Diana (Gal Gadot) lives on an island paradise hidden from the world, where she trains as a warrior. When Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes and tells Diana of the war raging in the outside world, she joins him, believing she is destined to bring it to an end.

What did we think?
Francesca Percy says: “Well,” I said hopefully, as we walked into the cinema, “it can’t be any worse than Batman vs Superman!” And let’s all breathe a sigh of relief, because not only is it better than that best-forgotten shambles, Wonder Woman is actually really very good. Director Patty Jenkins has created a world with well-rounded characters, a clear, well-developed plot (hallelujah!), action, drama, comedy and heart.


1 comment on “Wonder Woman

  1. With nary a whiff of their trademark “woe is me” breast beating, DC finally bite the bullet and make a Marvel movie, but with less self-deprecating humour and some decent gravitas.

    Gal Gadot sets a new standard for quality superhero acting and with an elegant middle finger to outspoken right-wing chauvinists, single-handedly saves a flagging universe.

    Wonder Woman beats Spider-Man in this year’s DC vs Marvel showdown. Hands down.

    4½ stars.

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