Transformers 4: Age of extinction (new trailer)

Everybody’s favorite giant robots are back. Even better – there’s no more Shia and instead we have Markie Wahlberg. Thoughts?

And if that’s not enough check out the stills:

Optimus still #2 (Sword pointing) OnlineBumblebee Still Online Optimus Still #1 (Optimus on his knees) Online


6 comments on “Transformers 4: Age of extinction (new trailer)

  1. Gary Druisdale says:

    Forget Godzilla, what I really want is transformers. Lots of them. Beating the crap out of each other. Over and over again.

  2. ricky G says:

    Yes please.

  3. Annie Baker says:

    Any chance of any free tickets guys? We’d love to see it. Esp as early as possible. 😉

  4. Giorgio (clans) says:

    Giant warrior robots are awesome. At any time. I’m not sure why the last movie is bagged by so many people – the Chicago scenes were worth the price of admission alone. I loved it, and can’t wait for this one!

  5. Robert Stephens says:

    Here is a photo of Optimus Prime wielding a giant sword while riding a T-Rex Dinobot.

    All your arguments are invalid.

  6. Mel D says:

    It looks so intense! I’m really looking forward to it

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