The Sapphires

What’s it about?

In the racist-fueled days of the late ‘60s, a quartet of young indigenous singers and their rambunctious Irish manager launch from the outback to Vietnam to entertain troups as Australia’s answer to The Supremes.

What did we think?

Stephen says: A feel-good Aussie musical with heart & soul. If the dialogue and plot were less clunky in places, it would easily be a 4-star movie. Knowing it’s based on a true story makes the humour, romance & tales of self-discovery more poignant, especially the fleeting references to racism, the stolen generation & the horrors of war the group experience in Vietnam.

Chris O’Dowd balances pathos & levity in his central role, while Deb Mailman confirms her national treasure status, and yes, Jessica Mauboy sings like an angel. It’s a toe-tapping good time.


3 comments on “The Sapphires

  1. Amy Wilson says:

    I loved it! But how realistic was it historically? Anyone know?

  2. Dan Beeston says:

    This was my favourite film of the year. It’s criminal that you’d score it less than 4 stars. This film helped me connect to the aboriginal culture in a way that nothing else has managed to do, but each to their own I guess.

    So far as how realistic? Here is an interview with the girls themselves.

  3. Well Stephen wrote the original review so he has the floor so to speak. But you’re always free to add your review here in the comments Dan. I’m guessing you’d score it 4 or 4.5?

    Personally I really enjoyed it. I would have been around a 3.75 (which of course we don’t have as an option) so whether I rounded up or down would have depended on the mood I was in as I published.

    Probably a 4-star movie for mine.

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