The Other Woman

What’s it about?
Three women become friends* when they find out their boyfriend/ husband/ partner is a cheater. Then they evoke the eye for an eye** principle to get revenge.
*become linked by hatred
** grievous bodily harm for an eye

What did we think?
Elizabeth says: Even the usually riotous comic timing of Leslie Mann can’t save this mess of a movie, who’s motto seems to be “when life give you lemons, get an army and take an icepick to the bastard who gave you the lemons”. Some jokes fall flat through implausibility, some just because enlarged male nipples and extended poo jokes aren’t really funny. The “revenge” that’s meant to be empowering just comes off as petty and mean spirited. Ladies, if your man cheats on you, by all means take everything in the divorce, but don’t laugh uproariously when he is badly injured after walking through a plate glass window. You’re better than that. You’re better than this movie.


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