The Menu movie review

Give, or take?

What’s it about?

The guests of an exclusive restaurant are subjected to a uniquely intense approach to fine dining.

What’d we think?

Peter Linning says: I had three lingering sensations after walking out of The Menu. Firstly, the physical – my face hurt from smiling and my gut hurt from laughing. Secondly, the philosophical – how can you describe why you enjoyed a film, when the film itself exquisitely skewers appreciation of art, let alone criticism? Finally, the sensory – I was really fucking hungry.

Every time there’s a choice between more or less, whether it be dialogue, visuals, or the choices made by the actors, the film always exercises restraint and never once misses the mark.

Don’t watch a trailer, don’t read another review – make a point to go and see The Menu before some dickhead ruins it for you.

Anthony Sherratt says: THE MENU is a damning indictment of modern society whether it be self-proclaimed experts, pretentious critics or self-congratulatory bros. It mocks itself while making points on multiple levels. There are so many laugh-out-loud moments that rely on intellect and the film’s dark humour truly works on multiple levels.

The razor-sharp story highlights a constant sense of unease about where the film is going , but balanced perfectly against whimsy and dark forebodings.

it’s backed up an incredible performance from the entire cast and quite frankly I could talk about this movie for hours. It’s perfect. I loved it. Go see it now.

A delicious dark comedy
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