The Lone Ranger

What’s it about?
A retelling of the classic legend that saw Texas Ranger John Reid become a masked avenger. Except sillier. And with more explosions.

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt says: Genuine fans of the original character, of which I number, were concerned over a remake that appeared more comedy than action and more Pirates of the Carribean than wild west. And we were right. It is much sillier and stupid and is indeed Gor eVerbinski and Johnny Depp (Tonto) remaking it Pirates-style. But despite being FAR too long, something strange happens along the way: it is SO over-the-top it actually becomes rollicking fun. I mean we’re talking about riding a horse on the top of a moving train and yet… Perhaps it’s the iconic theme song playing or the fact we’ve given up on our old memories by this point but you actually leave the cinema having laughed and – somehow – enjoyed this B Grade flick.


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