The Lego Batman Movie

What’s it about?
It’s The LEGO Movie spin-off featuring the hilarious, egotistical Batman you came to love. This time the lone vigilante is faced with a citywide invasion from the Joker’s evil army, after he refuses to reciprocate a love-hate relationship with the villain. In order to save Gotham, Batman is faced with his hardest struggle: working with others.

What did we think?
Candice says: There may not be a catchy sing-a-long to rival Everything Is Awesome, but The Lego® Batman™ Movie still hits the right notes! Theres something for everyone, with plenty of comedic Batman references and pop-culture jokes to keep the adults happy. Batman’s newest orphan recruit Robin and his long-serving butler Alfred add layers of witty, silly (and at times rude) banter between the figurine co-stars. The film gets a little heavy towards the end and may stretch the attention of some younger folk in the cinema, but they’ll quickly be won over with the musical finale.

Looking to take a little bit of The Lego® Batman™ Movie home with you? Say ‘Hey Puter’ to Siri. You’re welcome.


2 comments on “The Lego Batman Movie

  1. Amy Currie says:

    Everything (about this movie) is awesome. It’s one of those elusive beasts – a film for all ages. There’s plenty of big, loud fun for the kids to enjoy, but The Lego Batman Movie is also packed with innuendo, absurdity and blink-and-you’ll-miss-them sight gags (WAYNE CAR numberplates did it for me). See it.


  2. Scott Driscoll says:

    The Lego Batman Movie is a delightful romp that satisfies the tastes of a lifetime Batman fan without being exclusionary. It digs deep into the DC character back catalogue, not to mention other properties owned by Warner Bros. and even properties not owned by them that will please young and old. It is a film for the kids that will also have Mum and Dad laughing out loud. Tightly written, well conceived and full of heart. 4.5 out of 5 Batarangs.

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