The Jungle Book

What’s it about?
An orphaned child is raised in the jungle by animals but not all have a fondness for him and in the face of a threat from a savage tiger, Mowgli is to be returned to the man village.

What did we think?
The second of Disney’s live-action remakes of classic cartoons, The Jungle Book is surprisingly true to the original. It’s got extra grit and is less childish but manages to recreate the charm that will put a smile on your face regardless of your age. There are a few scary moments for the younger audience members but they are thankfully brief and easily forgotten in the face of impressive effects and performances, most notably the show-stealing Baloo voiced by Bill Murray. Neel Sethi is impressive as Mowgli especially considering he didn’t share a scene with a human the entire movie. Genuine fun for the entire family. 


3 comments on “The Jungle Book

  1. Deb says:

    I loved it! It was amazing!

  2. Trevor says:

    How good was it? I might even prefer it to the original

  3. Lisa says:

    SO looking forward to this one. Seriously. All the live action Disney that’s on the cards lately is awesome

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