The Intern

What’s it about?
A 70 year-old retiree (Robert De Niro) gains an internship at an online fashion store run by a harried young woman (Anne Hathaway). Hijinks and life lessons ensue.

What did we think?
Lisa says: On paper, The Intern sounds like simple, inoffensive fun. It’s a cute concept, helmed by an accomplished (in this genre) director and has a great cast.

Disappointingly the end result is far less than the sum of its parts. The tone is incredibly uneven, varying from sweetly sad, to zany, to hackneyed and borderline offensive.

The second half of the film is especially a drag, weighed down by preachy dialogue and plot points that seem both improbable and clichéd at the same time.

Only tolerable if you’re home alone with nothing better to watch.


1 comment on “The Intern

  1. Rubbish. It’s a sweet movie that’s perfect to watch with your mum. Not great, but a bearable way to pass the time. “Borderline offensive”??? 3 stars.

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