The Boss Baby

What’s it about?
A seven-year old with an overactive imagination discovers the new baby in his home (voiced by Alec Baldwin) is really a middle-manager from the place ‘where babies come from’; here to complete a spy mission and climb the corporate ladder.

What did we think?
Lisa Clifford Says: while mildly amusing, being convoluted and overly long means The Boss Baby probably won’t become a family favourite. There are genuinely funny moments, though most rely heavily on the corporate executive schtick Alec Baldwin honed on 30 Rock.

In a missed opportunity, it raises, but fails to deal with, the tricky issues for kids around feelings of jealousy and displacement when a new baby arrives, and how a parent’s love is quantified and divided between siblings.

If you miss 30 Rock and have to watch a G-rated movie, The Boss Baby will keep you entertained for about an hour*.

*Full running time is actually 97 minutes


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