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The best of 2016 – Anthony edition

The highlights of 2016 according to Anthony

It’s the earth’s arbitrary birthday so it’s nice to reflect on the year that’s gone. Specifically, in this case, the movies that 2016 brought us.

There were good, bad and mediocre but there were also some that made my eyes pop and my heart soar. That took my imagination out on an adventure so grand it threatened to not come back. For whatever reasons, there were some films that just grabbed me.

For 2016 these were those movies:

The top twelve of 2016
Everybody Wants Some
Mr Right*
The Nice Guys
Hacksaw Ridge
La La Land
The Hateful Eight
Brand New Testament
Hunt For the Wilderpeople
The Accountant

Special mentions:
Kubo and the two strings
The Lure (aka Córki dancingu)*
Tag (aka Riaru onigokko)* – note: I watched without subtitles and enjoyed piecing things together. Not sure how a ‘proper watch’ would go.
Captain Fantastic
Eddie The Eagle
Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
Eye In The Sky

These are the ones that impressed me. Feel free to agree or disagree down below. Did I miss any?

*technically released in 2015 but didn’t make their way to Australia until 2016


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