Star Trek: Beyond

What’s it about?

Several seasons into their “five-year mission”, the crew of the Enterprise, led by the cocksure yet jaded James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine) and his emotionally detached scientific officer Spock (Zachary Quinto), heed a distress call from uncharted space. It’s a trap! Oh, wrong franchise.

What did we think?

Ben Bissett and Elizabeth Best say: Beyond may be the title card, but this film asks us to boldly go where we’ve gone before. Set pieces that look like they’re straight from the halcyon TV series, populated by aliens that resemble demons from Buffy meld to create a film that pays fond, knowing homage to the old days of the Enterprise, stardate, oh, whenever Shatner was on the bridge. As always, Star Trek is about the relationships, most importantly that of Spock and Kirk, and the actors all deliver here. The message, that unity is stronger than division, resonates in our uncertain political times, and it’s treated with a great deal of reverence. Colossal visual effects are, as per its predecessors, off the planet (sorry) yet the most powerful image in the movie is a single photograph towards the end. Prepare to wipe a tear away, Trekkers.


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