She Said movie review

On the record

What’s it about?

The story of the New York Times reporters who broke the story of film producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations.

What’d we think?

Peter Linning says: She Said doesn’t just succeed as a film about investigative journalism, but manages to succeed at painting a sprawling picture of systematic issues by keeping a tight focus on the perspective of the reporters and victims. The movie avoids a lot of the tropes that could have easily found their way into this kind of movie, focusing instead on the slow and steady work of the reporters. The central characters are treated like people instead of caricatures of tough reporters or traumatised victims, and there’s some great filmmaking at work to communicate upsetting events without feeling exploitative.
It’s also worth noting that the film is actually entertaining – there’s always the risk that a Serious Film will be too grim for it’s own good, but there’s a surprising (but very welcome) amount of genuine humour in the movie. It’s a great summary of hard-to-summarise events, a little bit Spotlight, a little bit The Big Short, and very much a movie I’ll be recommending.

Very Good
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