What’s it about?
Set in 2028, a Detroit cop is critically injured but given cybernetic enhancements by a giant corporation looking to proft from an automated police force.

What did we think?
Take away most of the body, heart and soul and you have a cyborg Robocop. Sadly you also have this movie. There’s certainly some refreshing ideas in this updating of a classic 80s flick but they’re punctuated with some poorly thought-out scripting and errors of logic. An amazing cast, good special effects but this remake still somehow falls flat. There’s a recurring Wizard of Oz reference to the Tin Man lacking heart but what the updated Robocop movie actually lacks is a brain.


2 comments on “Robocop

  1. I did however like the part where Michael Keaton – a former Batman – said he wanted the robocop dressed in a black suit.

    And the fact that at one point the previous Batman squared off in an argument with the current Commissioner Gordon.

  2. Dan Beeston says:

    It’s hard to not disassociate this from the original. I kept wanting some humour dropped in, and some gore. This felt so middle of the road.

    Even if I could forget the original (and how great is was) this was really hollow. It felt like watching someone play a video game of Robocop. It was so boring in parts I was noticing basic filmmaking issues like weird choices in music. Even the fan in jokes were painful to experience.

    I’d give it 2.5 stars if you’ve never seen the original and 2 if you have.

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