Pitch Perfect

What’s it about?
Beca (Anna Kendrick) isn’t the sociable type but somehow gets cajoled into joining a social activity group called the Bellas. They “sing songs without any instruments at all. It’s all from our mouths” (insert appropriate blonde giggle here). But the Bellas are going to have to switch up their tired repertoire if they want a shot at beating their rivals, the Treblemakers, at nationals.  

What did we think?
Liz says: This film is what you would get if you sucked Glee dry of all it’s sugary, saccharine nonsense and injected it full of sassy, smart dialogue and a twisted sense of humour. Rebel Wilson steals the show as Fat Amy and had people in my audience applauding nearly every time she was on screen. There are moments where Pitch Perfect verges on taking itself too seriously, but they are few and this flick has attitude.


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  1. Neil R. Waite says:

    I had to get the soundtrack immediately after I left the theater. I couldn’t get Ace of Base’s ‘The Sign’ out of my head for days afterward. Promise the rest of the music is far better than that.

    Special mention to Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins as the competition announcers, who rival Fred Willard from ‘Best in Show’ for providing the best colour commentary.

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