Good or gone to the dogs?

What’s it about?
Privileged and whinging Sarah complains to her rich family that she doesn’t want to look after Patrick, the spoilt pug her Grandmother bequeathed her. Thanks to Patrick she meets a well built and rich dude, and a disheveled but poor-looking dude. Yawn.

What did we think?
Stephen Scott says: Inoffensive drivel.

You seriously want more? If you’re wavering then the quick answer is “no”.

You’re still here? OK, here’s the long answer … this try-hard romcom fails to pull at the heartstrings because:

  • You don’t care about any of the characters because the backstory is insipid
  • You don’t care about any of the characters because they’re all self-absorbed whingers
  • There are too many plot lines trying to be resolved. If we don’t care about the characters, none of these plots matter. Der.
  • Do we really have to try to make a British version of Dangerous Minds? It doesn’t work.
  • A fit, young lady shouldn’t have the problems the lead has in attempting a 5km run. It’s unbelievable.
  • The dog just doesn’t have charisma (until the credits when the behind-the-scenes shots show the missed potential)
  • You’d get far more enjoyment staying at home watching funny dog videos online
  • I can keep going, but I think you get the drift.
Barking bad

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