Pain & Gain

What’s it about?
Three bodybuilders come up with a kidnapping and extortion scheme that goes horribly wrong. The real life story of the Sun Gym gang is a baffling and absurd mish-mash of poorly motivated dimwits making violent decisions. Michael Bay is an accomplished director of such narratives and is the perfect choice to helm this tale of crime gone wrong.

What did we think?
Dan says: The problem with true crime is that true criminals are morons. This film gives the hollywood treatment to real life crimes without once giving you reason to root for the idiot protagonists. It’s visceral without being comically gory. It runs about ten minutes too long and will turn off those who (quite rightly) abhor violence, misogyny and homophobia.

If you can put those concerns aside, Dwayne Johnson puts in an incredible performance as the hesitant, born-again christian and Ed Harris is extremely strong as the only decent human being in the film.

This is a satisfying film about unlikable characters. Accept that going in and you won’t hate it as much as everyone else does.


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