Me Before You

What’s it about?

Quirky, “chatty” Lou (Emilia Clarke) is hired as a carer for a cynical, wealthy young man who feels he lost everything when he was paralysed in an accident

What did we think?

Elizabeth Best says: If you get a bit weepy in sad films (like me *sniff sniff*) then get ready for the deluge. If you don’t, then you’re probably not going even get as far as handing over your cash at the box office for this heartfelt sobfest… Unless you’re forced to on a date, in which case get ready for your date to look all red and splotchy when the credits roll.

Clarke is so infectiously chipper here, she’s almost like a (slightly overacting) British Jessica Day (New Girl), while Clafin smoulders as a wheelchair bound Mr Darcy type. Ultimately it’s a solid romantic drama that will punch those so inclined right in the feels, and leave everyone else wishing all the emotional stuff was over so they can get back to the latest superhero flick.



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