McKellen: Playing the Part

What’s it about?
A documentary about the famous actor.

What did we think?
Oliver Hetherington-Page says: Ian McKellen’s name will be forever linked to his roles in Lord of The Rings and/or X men. While these topics are covered in the documentary, it isn’t what the film is about at its heart. From the opening words of the piece “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” we are made to think about the tragedy that lies at the heart of Mckellen. By exploring his life both on and off the stage we see a portrait man who is constantly playing a part. In some ways this film is just McKellen talking about his career an hour and half but this film is more than that. It is a self-written (if a bit premature) obituary to the 79-year-old Academy Award nominee.


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