Mafia Mamma – Movie Review


What’s it about?

A mild-mannered suburban mum unexpectedly inherits her late grandfather’s mafia empire in Italy.

What’d we think?

I won’t bury the lede here: it’s a dreadful mess.

The usually excellent Toni Collette plays a suburban mother who becomes a mafia don in Italy after her grandfather passes and her life falls apart at home. There’s commentary throughout the movie on how regularly middle-aged women are subject to full-blown misogyny, and how the mafia empire is a way for Toni Collette’s character to indulge in empowerment and earn respect. It’s a premise that could work with the right hands but in this case, it is instead deeply irritating, excruciatingly tiresome and amateurish.

The tone will cause whiplash as it bounces between farcical to surprising ultra-violence to slapstick to fish-out-of-water comedy. The editing sometimes has strange pauses after jokes, as if to cater for laughter that doesn’t come. It’s a 2023 movie that is still making Eat Pray Love jokes.

Nothing about this worked. The Godfather had more laughs.

Not terribly funny, and little else going for it, you can probably give this one a miss
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