What’s it about?
In a future where most mutants are dead, the former X-man known as Wolverine struggles with life, impending death and an unexpected addition to a grim existence.

What did we think?
Anthony Sherratt says: Finally! A superhuman movie that focuses on the ‘human’ rather than the ‘super’. Gritty, emotional and realistic, Logan is a triumph of story over fight scenes, though the violence exists in brutal abundance as well. The 2016 success of Deadpool as an R-rated film has allowed director James Mangold the freedom to ensure we see Wolverine with the confronting brutality real adamantium claws would bring with them. Surprisingly thoughtful without heavy emotional manipulation, Logan will be loved by everyone with even a passing interest in the character.


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  1. Elizabeth Best says:

    Thank you Deadpool, thank you Deadpool, thank you Deadpool. Finally Hollywood has realized that audiences like their superhero movies with realistic violence, rather than the santitized, family-friendly crap we’ve been fed for far too long. I always knew adamantium claws should do more than leave three barely bleeding symmetrical slashes on their victims. 4.5 stars.

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