Kubo and the Two Strings

What’s it about?
A retelling of the classic hero story: a boy’s magical powers grow as he embarks on a mystical quest – all while playing beautiful shamisen music and creating incredible origami creatures.

What did we think?
Dan Beeston says: Read off the page Kubo is a simple fable: a basic hero’s journey with the requisite sword, armour and helm picked up along the way. The true magic is just how visually splendid the whole piece is. The film is a triumph of stop motion animation. To see these puppets come to life is jaw dropping. Children and lovers of art should immediately rush out and see it. For everyone else? It’s just another okay story. Three stars.

Stephen Scott says: The use of clay animation is a dying art and helps set this film apart. The plot lines exposing youngsters to alternative religious views, cultural practices, and the importance of heritage are the other major selling points. If you have a kids, take them and enjoy a family bonding. Three and a half stars.


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