Jungle Cruise movie review

A movie based on a Disney ride? Is it worth the wait in line?

What’s it about?

An intrepid explorer (Emily Blunt) and her blundering brother (Jack Whitehall) set out to find a mythical tree somewhere among the endless streams and tributaries of the great Amazon river. They hire Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson) who is part-river guide, part-con man. While hijinks ensue, there are sinister forces waiting for the fearless group.

What did we think?

Anthony Sherratt says: The undeniable charisma of Blunt and Johnson paper over a lot of the cracks in Jungle Cruise. The story is a little thin, the bad guys a little two-dimensional, and the last act’s foray into the supernatural feels incredibly forced. Having said all that there is an element of fun that is hard to resist especially early on. It relies on the charm of the leads and a lot of humour but to be honest for a popcorn film perhaps that’s enough. Particularly one based on a theme park ride. It’s a B Grade Indiana Jones with dad jokes – a fun time.

Mindless fun

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