JoJo Rabbit movie review

A comedy about nazis? Could that work?

What’s it about?

Imagine Calvin & Hobbes. Except Calvin is a nazi. And Hobbes is Adolf Hitler.

What did we think?

A wonderfully black comedy that starts with incredibly playful mocking and builds to more serious explorations of the nazi psyche and its simplistic condemnation of the jewish people. It’s wonderfully crafted with enough emotional parts to keep you grounded, but enough laughs to keep you going. I honestly didn’t think Sam Rockwell could get any better but this stellar performance has solidified my man-crush even further. Irreverent fun with true heart. 9/10

Q: What’s funnier than one person dying? A: Lots of people dying! This makes the holocaust fertile ground for gut-wrenching laughs in this dark comedy. They say that just because something is tragic doesn’t stop it from being funny, and just because something is funny doesn’t stop it from being tragic.

With that in mind it would be truly tragic if you didn’t see this film. There’s something quite magic about a piece of art that illicit the phrase ‘Oh My God! Hitler is SO good!’ 9/10


JoJo Review title

We loved the mix of whimsy and serious subject matter. Not for the feint of heart.

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