How To Train Your Dragon 2

What’s it about?
A small Viking Community has embraced their former nemesis’ into their lives but there are bigger dangers than just Dragons lurking in the unexplored seas.

What did we think? Dan says: HTTYD2 presents itself as a film with a moral compass but that compass is spinning like a roulette wheel. The characters empower strong women by letting men rescue them. They instill a sense of duty by showing the value of rebellion. They pursue the idea of non-violent conflict resolution by blowing characters into smaller pieces.

Despite this there are enough bold decisions made by the director to keep children amused and adults from ducking off to the bar. It could have done with some better jokes and less reliance of the power of love.

Or perhaps I’m just jaded.

No, I was right the first time. The power of love is just lazy storytelling.


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