Horrible Bosses 2

What’s is about?
Three male entrepreneurs (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis) are scammed out of their own start-up by a slick investor (Christoph Waltz), prompting an attempt to kidnap his hotheaded son (Chris Pine) and use the ransom to keep themselves afloat.

What did we think?
Dominic Barlow says: Terrible, but you’d expect nothing less from the film-maker behind such movies as That’s My Boy and We’re the Millers. When Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis aren’t yabbering at each other, it’s dispensing thuddingly dumb jokes that are sometimes just bold-faced sexism and racism. The caper sequences toward the end have some visual creativity, and the supporting actors (particularly Chris Pine) seem to be having fun, but it’s not nearly enough to make the movie worth seeing.


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