Hidden Figures

What’s it about?
1960’s America was a vortex of social upheaval: apartheid (segregation) was rampant; women’s equality was unimaginable; the space race was nuclear hot; and national pride, if not survival, was at stake. Against all odds, three genii stepped out from the shadows to help NASA realise an impossible dream. Three genii who happened to be black women.

What did we think?
Stephen Scott says: This movie should be compulsory viewing for every man, woman and child. Equality is something many pay lip service to (even today), and while other Oscar-nominated movies show the ugly face of racism via a negative tirade, Hidden Figures lifts you up with a heart-warming, truly accessible story of the little person overcoming insurmountable odds. Inspiring and hopeful.

Incidentally, I never thought I’d see the day where I’d cry watching a man smash a toilet sign off a wall with a crowbar.


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